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Archways and Trim

Arches can be round, oval, or elliptical. Trim can be provided as straight-line millwork or curved in almost any radius.



Casings are the decorative trims that surround window and doors. Unless you’re in a very modern space, doors and windows look naked without such trim. Depending on how elaborate the casings are, they can add a simple finishing touch, upgraded elegance, or wow-factor architectural importance to the openings. This woodwork is very pleasing to the eye whether it is painted or stained to show off the wood grain.

· Half-round arches  · Elliptical and oval arches  · Segmented circles
· Window frames for concave/convex walls  · Compound curves (bending two ways)


This trim softens the corners of a room by adding transitional details between ceiling and wall. It’s not just for grand spaces. Crown moulding adds distinction to any home’s living room, dining room, master bedroom, or hallway.


Baseboards line the wall at floor level, providing a gentle transition instead of a right angle. While they offer attractive decoration, baseboards are considered a must in every room of the home, because they protect walls from damage from shoes, vacuum cleaners, mops, etc.


The outward-facing decorative details on a home or building. Since these elements are subject to exposure, we recommend hardwoods or exterior PVCs such as Azek, Versatex.


Chair rails are usually found in kitchens, dining rooms, hallways or office space and sits against the wall about 36-42” above the floor. Wainscoting is paneling on the wall below the chair rail.


At the bottom of a window, a flat sill extends into the room. By enhancing the decorative trim that supports the sill, you can alter the overall impression of your windows. A wide variety of thicknesses and profiles can be chosen to reflect the character of the home.


The decorative trim that hides the edge of a bar’s surface. An attractively curved bar rail can be a surprisingly important detail in a commercial restaurant.


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Ever see a spectacular curving staircase with a dramatic handrail? We know how to create those compound curves. We also fill large orders for standard staircase components:

· Handrails  · Balusters  · Treads  · Risers  ·  Bullnoses  · Skirting


Chances are, we’ve tackled a project like yours before. But if not, all the better! We love a challenge and will devise a unique solution that’s beautiful and expertly made.


Our computer-controlled cutting machine is used for carving wood with precision. It’s exceptionally useful for projects such as creating wall brackets with cutouts, adding dimension to drawer fronts, fashioning curved corners on square panels, and making corbels, signage, or other custom work.