Frequently Asked Questions



How do I measure my arched space? There are a number of different types of arched openings. How you measure varies according to the type of arch that you have.

  • A full round is measured from the inside of the jamb to the inside of jamb, then add the desired reveal. Measure top/bottom and left/right to make sure they match all the way around.
  • A half round is measured from the inside of the jamb to the inside of jamb, then add the desired reveal.
  • Oval and elliptical windows require custom casings. You’ll need to draw a pencil template. Call us for more information.

How do I send you a template? We prefer that you draw your template onto cardboard or resin paper, roll it up and ship it to us in a sleeve. Make sure not to cut along the drawn line. Eyebrow arches do not require a template.

Is there an easier way to get my space measured? If your window is newly installed ask the window manufacturer what the model number is. We are often able to get your casing measurement from that.

What is a “reveal?” The reveal is the amount of space to be shown of the jamb after the trim is installed. We suggest an 1/8", 3/16", or 1/4" reveal.

What is an elliptical arch? An elliptical arch has a continuously changing radius.


You don't offer my profile. Can you customize my mouldings? Absolutely! The first question we would ask is do we have any profiles that are close to what you are looking for? If so, we can save you some money by providing that curve and finishing off the entire opening with the straight pieces to match the profile. If, however, you are set on a specific look, then we are able to grind a custom knife to form your desired profile. That cost would be an additional $100 – $300, depending upon the width of the profile.

What will you need to match my existing moulding? We must have a sample of the profile in order to create a custom knife to match it exactly.

How do you ship my mouldings? We use UPS or FedEx for shipping typical orders, or hire a trucking company for larger sizes. We will ship anywhere you require. Our pieces are wrapped in a plastic sleeve, and then in cardboard, followed by 1/8" foam. This ensures that your fine trim mouldings will arrive in excellent condition. 

Do you install mouldings? No, but our pieces are designed so that your carpenter can easily slip them right into place. We include 6" –  8" of extra material at each end to allow for miter cuts.


What types of wood do you use? We are able to use any type of wood you choose, as long as it is available. For some projects, such as exterior trim, we may recommend manmade materials.

Do you stain your products? We do offer staining and finishing services upon request. If you want to match an existing color, just provide a sample. We can also prime pieces that will be painted.