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From straight-line mouldings to elegant archways, there are hundreds of ways that wood trim can transform an ordinary room into an inspiring space. Exquisite craftsmanship is our hallmark, and you’ll see it in our custom designs below. For a full list of our products and services, click here ––>



Also known as arched casings, these curved frames elevate the architecture of a room. We use a proprietary technique to bend the wood, creating continuous grain that is gloriously eye-catching when stained. Archways may have round or elliptical shapes, a point at the top, or any specialty shape you require. In addition to making custom pieces, we also keep a wide range of standard window and door casings in stock, and can fill large orders. 

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How to soften the right angles where a wall meets the floor or ceiling? Add decorative baseboards and crown moulding. The height and silhouette of that trim should suit the style of your project, so we have a library of more than 800 profiles to choose from — and can create a custom shape if you are matching an existing piece of trim. This woodwork is not just for straight edges! We can create trim for concave and convex walls, niches, and ceilings insets.

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From an understated chair rail to more complex wainscoting, our interior trim enriches dining rooms, offices and hallways. We can also boost the character of built-in cabinets, upgrade fireplace mantels, and add decorative touches throughout the house. Adding refined details not only increases the beauty of your space, it can increase property value.

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We’re passionate about interiors, but we know that impressions begin with curb appeal. So whether you’re building an addition, restoring weathered woodwork, or enhancing an entranceway, we pour equal passion into exterior projects. There are hardwoods and synthetic products suited for exposed trim, and we can help you select the best material.

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CNC ROuter Services

When a design requires that wood be carved, we achieve precise results with a Computer Numerical Control (CNC) router. It can create contours, grooves, cutouts, and dimensional designs. Between our wood-bending techniques, our straight-line milling machines, and our CNC router, we can deliver any shape you desire.

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“Out of the box” wood projects

Have a need we haven’t mentioned so far? If it’s wood or wood-related, we can probably meet your goal. Drawer fronts, entire cabinets or just the doors, benches, beams, and more — just ask us! We may be known for classical designs, but we’re also able to deliver modern, trend-right pieces such as sliding barn doors and live-edge tabletops.

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